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7 Ways to Survive (and Thrive) When You’re Banned From Social Media

By Parul Agrawal, Entrepreneur

You log in to your favorite social media site and see a message saying that you’ve been banned. The panic sets in as you realize that this means no more updates on the latest news from your followers and friends. You are not alone.

When my account was hacked, Facebook deactivated me on all its platforms due to safety concerns. I felt like a big part of my life, my identity, was gone. Disappeared. I was scared that I would be unable to stay in touch with the people who were important to me. It felt like a near-death experience, especially for my business: How will I reach out to my followers and share about my services? My following wasn’t huge, but it included people who were ideal clients. It seemed like a huge disaster for my business.

Then it hit me: The only person who can take my social life and my business away from me is myself.

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