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Build a side project, build an empire

Startup — without quitting your day job

By Aytekin Tank, Medium

Question: What do Craigslist and Albert Einstein have in common?

Answer: Their big idea started as a side project.

1905. Albert Einstein worked six days a week full-time in an office, examining patent applications. He dedicated all his remaining hours to studying and experimenting with physics. One day, the Theory Of Relativity was conceived — completely off-the-clock.

1993. Craig Newmark, employed at an investment company, started an email list in his spare time to allow him and his friends to update each other about different events in town. Eventually, the list grew so much that there wasn’t enough space in people’s inboxes: it was time for a website. Enter

Many of the world’s most successful companies started as an afterthought in someone’s spare hours, while the ‘real work’ chugged on in the background.

Even Apple was born in a garage, not an office. College dropouts Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak could only work on their DIY personal computers AFTER their 9–5 had finished.

Something brewing behind the scenes can turn into your life’s work.

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