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Is China Coming Apart?

Economic and political pundits have for quite some time predicted that China will become the dominant economic power in all the world.

They based that opinion on the extraordinary economic growth that China underwent when the former leader, Deng Xiaoping, encouraged economic freedom and entrepreneurialism.

And we in the U.S. accelerated that economic spurt with our insatiable demand for cheap goods.

American companies opened the floodgates by transferring our technology to the Chinese.

But along the way a new leader took over the reins of power in China—Chairman Xi Jinping, who now demonizes entrepreneurs and threatens them with overwhelming State power.

He seeks to reestablish the total dominance of Communist ideology in a country that has tasted economic freedom.

The total social and political control of the country is 24/7—monitoring of every movement…

It’s George Orwell’s dystopian vision on steroids.

Now, with his draconian zero Covid regime, citizens locked-up in their high-rise apartment buildings are beginning to show signs of significant pushback.

And that’s not all…

Recently, workers at the huge plant that manufactures Apple iPhones openly defied the white-clad Covid enforcers and protested in the streets.

And this is just the beginning.

University students across China now openly call for Xi to step down.

Yet, Xi is dictator for life.

A lot of good that will do him if more and more of his countrymen begin to publicly chant, “Xi Jinping, step down” and “Communist party, step down” as they have in recent protests across China.

Now, things feel different as people are driven to desperation by Xi’s zero-Covid insanity.

Chinese people are waking up to the fact that Xi and the ruling communist party are making it illegal to live normal lives.

The ultimate missing ingredient is freedom!

Whether China can ever have political freedom, let alone a return to economic freedom, will be answered in the years to come.

For a deeper dive into what’s happening in China, here are some breaking news sources…

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BBC News — China Covid: Protesters openly urge Xi to resign over China Covid curbs

The Washington Post — Rare protests against China’s ‘zero covid’ policy erupt across country

Business Insider Anti-government protests spread to Shanghai and Beijing as anger grows over China’s strict zero-COVID policy

msn — Video: Police crackdown and arrest protestors as they chant for Xi to step down


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