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Matrix Gazette Readers Can Access 8 Free Online News Sources

As a service to Matrix Gazette readers, we now give you free access to eight online news sources. We have used them in the past to discover breaking news that you can use. No paywalls. They’re valuable and free.

Achievement Day: “Craft Your Day. Craft Your Life. Call it Daycraft.”

It’s about achievement. The key to achievement is to know what you want; pay the price to get it (in time, sweat, and resources); and work like hell to get it. Most importantly, enjoy the process of achievement.

Brain Food: News to stimulate your gray matter. “The empires of the future are the empires of the mind.”—Winston Churchill.

Capitalism—WIIFM: In the business of Life, we are all entrepreneurs, creating value in the marketplace of goods, services, and ideas. We produce results!

Motivation, Self-Discipline, Focus: Finding Motive Power in the News

What you think matters. What you read matters. What you do matters most. To have the best life possible you need to know and understand your personal motivation to succeed, and what you want to achieve.

Tech: Future Fast-Forward

Entrepreneurial Capitalism is alive and well in the world of Tech start-ups and perhaps in a garage next door. Find out how you can be an integral part of this adventure.

The Boston Beat: City of Champions. They don’t call Boston the “Hub of the Universe” for nothing. Find out why.

The Carpe Diem Weekly: Maximize Your Life

The Writing Daily: Time to Write! News about authors, books, and writing.

Many of these news sources are updated daily. Some weekly. Yet all can help you think for yourself.

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