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On the Hierarchy of Sports

By C. Bradley Thompson, The Redneck Intellectual

“This essay will no doubt offend if not anger some readers. In fact, it may be the most controversial essay that I’ll ever publish—even more outrageous than my many other controversial essays on, say, the Pajama-Boy Nietzscheans. I will probably lose friends, make more enemies than I have already, and the woke mob at ESPN will no doubt come for my scalp.

“Frankly, I don’t give a damn! With Martin Luther I say, ‘Here I stand, I can do no other.’  In an age of universal deceit, someone must speak the truth.

“My thesis is simple: there is a hierarchy of sports (athletics is a better word), and what some consider to be “sports,” I consider to be little more than recreational activities.”

Read the rest of C. Bradley Thompson’s essay here…

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