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The A4 Revolution in China

A4 Revolution Image by Gianluca Costantini

The A4 Revolution!

Across China, people hold up blank pieces of 8.3 x 11.7-inch A4 size paper. It’s the common letter-sized paper used in most places in the world outside of North America.

But in China, holding up a blank sheet of paper has become a symbol of protest against Chairman Xi’s Zero Covid policies and his police state tactics.

They hold up blank sheets because writing anything criticizing the Xi or his government will land them in jail… or worse.

Freedom of speech in China is not tolerated by the ruling Communist Party.

As we reported on a recent article in the Matrix Gazette

Xi seeks to reestablish the total dominance of Communist ideology in a country that has tasted economic freedom. It’s total social and political control of the country is 24/7—monitoring of every movement…

It’s George Orwell’s dystopian vision on steroids.

Meanwhile, here’s much more on the A4 story…

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For fast-breaking, on-the-scene reporting from China, use Twitter handles #A4Revolution or simply #A4.

A4 Revolution Image by Gianluca Costantini



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