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Trump’s Tax Return and a Threat to Your Freedom

Last updated on January 2, 2023

Trump’s Tax Return Demonstrates More Than You Can Imagine…

None of us, whether we’re a former President or Jill and John Doe, are safe from the prying eyes of every Tom, Dick, and Harry, thanks to the politicians and bureaucrats that control our federal government.

By releasing Trump’s tax return, government tells us one immutable fact about life in our once free Republic—you have no individual right to privacy. Your life is an open book.

Even our esteemed Supreme Court, when they dismembered Roe v. Wade, effectively demonstrated that there’s no such thing as the right to privacy.

A woman’s life and choices about childbirth are now open to the prying eyes of State government politicians and bureaucrats.

In essence, individual rights are not respected nor condoned by those who hold power over our lives.

Instead, governments allow us the breadcrumbs of freedom without the substance.

So, whether it’s Trump Tax Return or a woman’s right to control her life, an overzealous government (Federal, State, and Local) can pry into every nook and cranny of your life.

If we morally sanction such power, we will never be free.

So, what can you do? Here are some options.

  1. Let your elected representatives and the media know what you think. Here are three ways for you to let your views be known:
  2. How you can write or call the White House.
  3. How to Contact the Media About a Story.
  4. How to Contact Local, Regional, and National Politicians.


  1. Don’t remain silent when someone advocates more government control over your life. If you don’t feel comfortable arguing your case, simply say, “I disagree.” It let them know there is opposition. Meanwhile, here are some insights on how to argue your case…


  1. Read great thinkers of liberty, including Ayn RandFriedrich HayekThomas SowellLudwig von MisesMilton Friedman, and many others. They do not all agree, but their ideas can inform and inspire you to learn more.

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