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Ukraine Endures a Desperate Putin and His Missiles

KYIV, Ukraine — Heat, power, and water are in short supply in Ukraine, as the Ukrainian winter approaches.

It’s cold!

Meanwhile, Putin punishes Ukraine with Russian missiles, destroying power grids, apartments, and hospitals.

A two-month-old baby was a recent Putin victim.

Putin’s troops are in disarray, but he desperately strives to break the Ukrainian spirit.

Yet that spirit of survival is something Putin can’t seem to touch.

Every missile that destroys a power station or wrecks a maternity ward only increases the Ukrainian resolve and its worldwide supporters.

Vladmir Putin is now a pariah in Europe and most of the civilized world.

Meanwhile, in the United States, sympathy, and solidarity with Ukraine running high.

Even a flag manufacturer in Waldoboro, Maine can barely keep up with the demand for Ukrainian flags, which now fly from homes across the state.

Back in Ukraine, there is this piece of good news, reported by The Washington Post:

“Electricity has been restored to the southern city of Kherson, a senior Ukrainian official said Saturday, thanking the emergency workers who had reconnected the supply in the city that was liberated just two weeks ago.”

Nevertheless, Putin is still sending in his killer missiles.

When will he end his killing spree?

The world waits as the Ukrainians endure.

If you want to help the people of Ukraine survive this coming harsh winter, here are some ways you can help…

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