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Battle for Your Mind – 12 Ways to Win

Last updated on October 31, 2022

“If you don’t control your mind, someone else will.”—John Allston

There’s a battle going on for your mind. One side wants you to ignore reality. The other side wants you to believe in a fake reality. Both sides stunt your ability to find the truth and live the best life possible.

So, what can you do to arm yourself? Allow me to suggest the following:

1) Think for yourself.

2) Remove all traces of “political correctness” from your thinking and speech.

3) Read history, including biographies of great individuals and their achievements.

4) Learn how slavery evolved, why it existed, and how it was finally eradicated from this country. (And, why it still exists in parts of the world.)

5) Read great thinkers of liberty, including Ayn RandFriedrich HayekThomas SowellLudwig von MisesMilton Friedman, and many others. They do not all agree, but their ideas can inform and inspire you to learn more, and take action.

6) If you are called for Jury Duty, make every effort to participate, instead of trying to avoid it. It’s the one area where your voice holds more power than the state. (I recently served on a jury, and discovered more in one day that I could have learned from reading dozens of books on the subject. It was a positive and enlightening experience. Plus, we saved an innocent young man.)

7) Support those who believe and act on the principles of liberty on which the United States of America were founded.

8) Be willing to speak the truth.

9) Know that everything that government does is not right. Know also why we need good and limited government, especially for the military, law enforcement, and our court system.

10) If you disagree with the proposed policies of your town, city, state, or country, be willing to question them, and expect to get straight answers.

11) Pay close attention to what is going on in the world today. Here is one source: Foreign Polic, but there are many more available.

12) Be true to your beliefs, question authority when necessary, and back up your beliefs with positive, productive, life-affirming action.


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