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Federal Government Censors True Info from Food Labels

The federal government is withholding vital information from millions of Americans with digestive issues.

Although the information is valid, it is banned from food labels because it is not on the government’s list of preapproved statements.

This information would let consumers know which foods are low in difficult-to-digest sugars called FODMAPs.

The ban makes it challenging for people with digestive issues to find the right foods to eat.

Individuals who have been harmed by this food labeling censorship have partnered with the Institute for Justice to file a First Amendment lawsuit in federal court challenging the USDA’s and FDA’s censorship of low-FODMAP food labels.

The victory will mean that millions of Americans can finally identify which foods will help them avoid pain, and it will remind the government that censorship hurts consumers and is unconstitutional.

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Image by Marcelo Russo de Oliveira from Pixabay

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