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How to Fight for Your Freedom and Stop Bad Political Agendas

Last updated on February 22, 2021

Back on January 25th on these pages, I urged readers to “Forget politics!… at least for the short term.”

I was wrong.

If you value your life and your freedom, you can’t ignore politics! Ever!

Especially now when politics will not leave you alone.

The Biden Administration is marching whole hog into implementing an agenda that will emasculate the country. Their priorities are spelled out on the White House Website.

But to fight against specific proposals you need to know the specifics and dig deeper into the nuts and bolts of what is proposed and how they plan to spring it on the American people.

When I wrote my article mentioned above, I thought it was too late to do anything about the New Administration.

Again, I was wrong.

What finally convinced me of my error was news about a potential travel ban against Florida that the Biden Administration deemed a problem area.

The actual meaning of a “problem area” for the Biden Administration is a political problem area—a State that needs to be punished for going against the dictates of Biden and the Democrats.

After local TV and print media exposed this trial balloon, the Biden Administration quickly shot it down, realizing its potential could cause real political blowback.

There is your first hint on how to stop such trial balloon proposals from ever seeing the light of day and being implemented: EXPOSE THEM!

Encourage your local media outlets to report on such economically devastating (and liberty killing) proposals.

Unlike the national news media, local outlets are more attuned to public pressure.

Plus, they’re always looking for real news.

Your job is to be aware of what’s going on.

You can only do that by paying close attention to seemingly obscure news items in the print media. These news items are usually trial balloons launched by Democrats and the Biden Administration to test the political waters to see if they will fly.

To the best of your ability, pay attention to the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Washington Post, LA Times, and your local and regional newspapers and news outlets. (Essentially, NYTimes and the Washington Post have become Democratic Party news outlets.)

That doesn’t mean you must subscribe and read all of them. Many of their stories (especially if they affect the local economy) are reprinted in your local newspapers and reported on local TV stations.

Do your best to stay informed any way you can.

But what about television?

National network news on CBS, ABC, NBC, regurgitates the Democratic Party line. (NBC News with Lester Holt is a little bit better in this regard.)

For the most part, the nightly national news broadcasts are designed to scare the hell out of you! The fear they create helps empower the Democrats and the Biden Administration to ram through its left-leaning agenda.

Job one is to stay informed, pay attention to those “trial balloon” proposals, and let your views be known.

To let your views be known doesn’t mean you have to be an accomplished speaker or writer.  Simply stating your opinion in a positive and forthright manner can also give others the confidence to do the same.

The media and politicians are always taking the public pulse. When they get pushback on certain issues, they start to pay attention.

Here are three ways for you to let your views be known:

  1. How you can write or call the White House.
  2. How to Contact the Media About a Story.
  3. How to Contact Local, Regional, and National Politicians.

In upcoming issues of the Matrix Gazette, we will follow-up with news you can use in this fight against bad political agendas.

Let us know when you discover something that needs to be exposed and publicized.

Send us your news tips or examples of political activism to MatrixGazette@GMail.Com     


Remember, if you don’t pay attention to politics, politics, most certainly, will pay attention to you.

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