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Interview with Donald Trump on His Indictment

Matrix Gazette’s editor-in-chief met with former President Donald Trump at Mar-a-Largo as Trump prepared to travel to the Big Apple to turn himself in.

Matrix Gazette (MG): Mr. President, thank you for agreeing to meet with us on short notice.

Trump: No problem. Always glad to talk to the Matrix Gazette and your nationwide readers. You’ve always been fair to me.

MG: OK, let’s get right to it… Do you intend to appear in person at the Manhattan Criminal Court for your arraignment?

Trump: Yes, indeed. I’ll be there. The world will see this witch hunt for what it is—a total sham.

MG: What will you say to Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg if you get a chance?

Trump: I’ll tell him to his face that he’s a fraud and a disgrace. Once re-elected President, I’ll nail his sorry ass to the wall. He won’t be able to get a street-sweeper job after I’m through with him.

MG: How will you do that, Sir?

Trump: I’ll charge him with treason against the Constitution. I’ll bring down so many rulings against him that his oversized head will spin.

MG: Mr. President, how will you defend yourself against the thirty-four charges they will bring against you?

Trump: I’ll pick off those bogus charges like cheap tin birds in a carnival shooting gallery.

MG: How will you do that?

Trump: My attorney, Joe Tacopina, fights like me. He’s ready to make fuzzy-headed Alvin Bragg look like the total buffoon he is.

MG: Meanwhile, what are your thoughts on Stormy Daniels?

Trump: She’s being used like last night’s leftovers. They heat her in their legal microwave and serve her like she’s an actual witness. (Funny thing… I always liked that woman until she saw dollar signs spouting like weeds everywhere.)

MG: President Trump, what will you do if you’re convicted and sent to jail?

Trump: Won’t happen. But if it did, you can kiss this country goodbye. We’d have turned into Joe Biden’s Banana Republic for good.

MG: We know you must continue your preparations for your indictment. Do you have any final words for your supporters and friends?

Trump: Don’t let our enemies crucify us on this cross of lies. Help me make America Great Again! We can do it together!

MG: Are you advocating violence, President Trump?

Trump: No, definitely not! I’m urging Americans to stand up and protest peacefully. We can’t stay quiet and allow this miscarriage of justice.

MG: Thank you, President Trump. We wish you well. God speed.

Trump: He will.

Trump Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay

Editor’s note:

This was our third interview with Donald Trump. Our previous interview was an unexpected late-night call from the President.


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