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Letters to the Editor

January 20, 2023

DeSantis Yes, Trump No.

As much as I agreed with President Trump’s policies, I disliked and disagreed with his style. His recent behavior and comments have only served to alienate me further from ever voting for him again.

There is a great contrast between President Trump and Governor DeSantis. President Trump is behaving as a 2-year-old with a tantrum while Governor DeSantis is showing class, determination, and adherence to the traditional American values of personal freedom and free enterprise.

Trump’s recent diatribes almost make me doubt his sanity.

We now have an elderly President Biden with an obvious mental decline.

President Trump would be 78 years old in 2024, a 4-year term would make him eighty-two at the end of his term.

He has had extensive and proven success in business during his lifetime. That experience helped him steer the country in a positive financial direction.

Yet, he never had any military experience, nor any experience in government prior to his election. To his credit, I think he did a good job of managing the United States as a business, not so sure as to how many Americans and other nations he alienated by his style.

By his recent gubernatorial victory in Florida, Governor DeSantis has proven his ability. A veteran… a governor managing one of the largest state economies in the U.S… a young man that has proven his mettle and character.

As a senior, statistically I don’t have a lot of years left. As a matter of fact, I already beat the actuary tables. Eight years of DeSantis as President sound like the way to go for me.

If Trump is as much of a patriot as he claims to be, he should do what is best for the country and not what he wants for personal glory.

Endorse DeSantis, not only make the county great again, but eliminate the Socialist threat from within that seeks to eliminate the values the Founding Fathers adhered to when they wrote the Constitution.

—Gaspar Brooks


November 11, 2022

Responding to our lead editorial of last week, “The Wave that Wasn’t,” an astute reader had this to say…

The big red wave was to consist of many tens of millions of voters who would elect true Republican candidates who would stop the fundamental transformation of this country to socialism dead in its tracks and turn it back toward its historic roots in unalienable individual rights.

That wave didn’t show up at the election. There never was such a wave.

The candidates and their backers, supporters and advocates are disappointed at no constituency.

There is only a nationwide electorate of democrats (socialists) and RINOs who, in a pinch are as predictable and dependable as democrats to vote left or not vote at all.

It’s a prevailing culture which values perceptions of security over actual rights. That’s the average “American” of today.

There will be no wave for rights and freedom, not soon nor later, just a wilting into a swamp indefinite in space and time.

The program, or software, of rights and freedom are here, but no hardware, or people, to be human and take them up and live them.

There now is no Great Wave Maker, meaning, human volition which chooses worldly human life, its maintenance and improvement. People only choose faithful obedience to secular or religious deities.

People who make the human choice of human life, its maintenance and improvement, and of unalienable individual rights and freedom, must take that program, by themselves, and run with it and be their own wave separate and not let anybody stop them.

—Mike Kevitt


November 5, 2022

What causes of inflation?

We had gained energy independence by producing our own oil. But now we depend on strategic reserves or other countries. Is it surprising that the price of oil- based fuels would go up? Transportation of all consumer goods as well as commuting to work require gas. Would you not conclude that the increased cost of transportation would cause higher costs across the board…

“No,” says Biden, “it’s Putin and the war in Ukraine.”

Of course, increasing the minimum wage is supposedly just the way to allow common people to have a decent living. But when the pace of inflation exceeds the increase, they have less purchasing power than they did before. Minimum wage jobs were just a way to enter the market and then improve yourself
to higher earning positions.

It causes wage increases for the whole labor force, thus making products and services more expensive. Minimum wage jobs are for kids and retired folk that need to supplement their Social Security. If our great legislators had not dipped into the social security funds to finance their giveaway programs, older folk that worked and contributed their whole lives would not need to work.

Just imagine if your contribution to Social Security and your employer’s contribution had been invested in an individual account since you first started working and you were allowed to make contributions to that account. We would all be millionaires by the time we would reach retirement age of sixty-five.

But no, now we must adjust the retirement age because of their wasteful spending, and we certainly cannot live on Social Security without further help from the Government. It’s another way to enslave us and keep us dependent on their generosity. We may as well regress back to a Feudal system, where the Nobility trickled down a mere survival to serfs.

These geniuses seek to stop inflation by hiking interest rates. OK… less people being able to afford to purchase a home, thus, less building, less available work all around. It is not just building industry workers. It is fewer building materials being bought, less production, and thus a reduction of the workers that produce them. Less materials to transport, less trucks, and drivers.

Make us poorer so we can’t afford goods. What dumb anal-retentive genius came up with this wonderful solution? The folks we elected are getting wealthier on our misery. How about we put term limits on Senators and Congressmen?

And who is at fault for all this… WE ARE! Either by ignorance or being lackadaisical.  The time is now.
Either we use it, or we lose it.

Am I pissed off or what?

— Gaspar Brooks


March 9th, 2021 – Received via eMail

In consideration of the recent social developments regarding gender identity, its political correctness implications, the proliferation and increasing popularity of alternatives to the traditional Judeo-Christian heterosexuality and the ostracizing and denigration of this previously predominant form of gender identification; I have chosen to add myself to the proclaimers of this new norm by re-assessing my own identity and reclassifying myself as a lesbian trapped in a man’s body. I will thus fit into two categories at once….lesbian, and the less popular heterosexual. Being a lesbian with a penis, I may also qualify as transgender. This would make me eligible to receive all the benefits and accolades of the alternative sexual categories now popular and widely promoted and accepted. I will advise all my lesbian friends and associates that I can now be considered as a potential sexual partner with a bonus…all this…the wife permitting of course. Due to her permission being very unlikely, if acted upon, I would probably lose my bonus and become a true transgender.

From: Godfly


Dear Editor: Received via Facebook in regards to the “Fake Money Blues” article posted 10/27/20.

The Media ignore Biden’s corruption, even as ongoing attacks on President Donald Trump – which began even before he was elected – continue and are without parallel in history. The savagery, frenzy, and outright hysteria displayed by Trump’s enemies within the Establishment, the Media, and Global Elites have no prior precedent. WHAT IS GOING ON?

MONEY. It’s that simple.

From day one, his America-first agenda, earned him the undying enmity of ALL those who profit by selling out America:

  1. Trump pulled us out of the TPP – Billions in lost profits for Big Tech, Internet Monopolies and Intellectual Property Globalists (Yes, like Disney, AT&T, Comcast and other Media Giants).
  2. Trump began securing the U.S. border. Billions in lost cheap illegal immigrant LABOR for Corporate America.
  3. President Trump pulled us out of the job-destroying Paris Climate Accords. Billions in lost advantages for non-complying foreign nations like China and India.
  4. President Trump, the first President ever to address Beijing’s annual $700 Billion rape of our economy. Billions in lost profits for Corporatists who ship our jobs to that communist tyranny (and BTW, outsource our wage inflation to those countries).
  5. President Trump renegotiated NAFTA. Again, billions in lost profits for the cheap Mexican-Central America labor crowd.
  6. President Trump began extricating the U.S. from endless foreign wars and avoiding new wars with nations like Iran, Syria and North Korea. Billions – perhaps Trillions! – in lost profits for the Globalist War Machine.

Trump is trying to rebalance America’s place in the world, with an eye on fairness and reciprocity. To return to Biden’s 50 years of economic decline would be insane and National suicide.

Steven Chase


— Thanks Steven for taking the time to contribute. // MG

The Fake Money Blues


To the editor: Received via Facebook. In regards to Biden & Trumps exclusive debate coverage.

“Ken, I loved it, unfortunately, it does seem to be uncomfortably close to being factual rather than satire.”

The Joe Biden – Donald Trump Debate – Matrix Gazette’s Exclusive Debate via Zoom

Mark L.

To the editor: Received via Facebook.

Add this to your Gazette!!!!

Woody Graber

— Woody, thanks for taking the time to contribute. // MG

To the editor: Received via email.

Let’s face it. Too many black Americans refuse to acknowledge the thousands of white American lives lost during the Civil War to gain their freedom. Were all those who fought and died to free the slaves racists?

How come if we are white, we are immediately branded as racist if we comment anything negative about the civil disobedience that is taking place by a bunch of thugs, both white and black? Only difference is that many of the white thugs are paid to stir up controversy and create chaos.

I have never thought of myself as racist and have had many great friendships with black people. I say black because that is how most choose to qualify them. My friends that happened to be black, not by choice, but by genetics, shared their lives with me since High School. I was asked to their parties and I asked them to mine. That was in 1967 for God’s sake. What has happened?

I had (black) co-workers I shared with and we established great friendships. I have always had a sense of humor and I met my match with Kevin… we used to make racial jokes and took it all in stride… he was not offended, and neither was I. No political correctness there. We even fantasized about a comedy team we were going to call “salt and pepper”. Of course, today’s folks would probably criticize that we didn’t call it “pepper and salt”. When was the last time you heard to the spices referred to as pepper and salt?

We are not progressing, we are regressing. Until we feel in our hearts the communion and affinity that I have been able to achieve with many of my “black” friends, it is nothing but an exercise in disruption, hate and controversy. I just hope we don’t have to fight a second Civil War promoted by all those that would seek to divide and erase the American Dream.

Sadly, Martin Luther King is no longer around. He sought to unite us and make us one people regardless of color. Great man that he was, he failed to see that some of his followers did not have his same dream.

Reverend Al Sharpton along with many prominent names under Dr. King’s wings, failed to follow his dream. They have sought to divide us rather than unite us. Controversy makes them important and richer. How much better are they than the slave owners who sought to enrich themselves on slave lives.

I find it hard to accept those that would seek truth outside of themselves. Truth lies within. This is what made Dr. King unique, perhaps had he been alive today none of the things that are happening would have come about.


To the editor: Received via Facebook.

Where s da beef?? Not enough meat on the bones to chew on.

Dennis R.

— Thanks for the push Dennis … We’re just getting started 🙂 // MG

To the editor: Received via Facebook.

I went {to the website}. Libertarian website trusting in our citizens to do the right thing (Hah!) and dumping on Biden. I like the intro. I wish you guys luck. Seriously. At least you’re trying to do the right thing out of an idealistic ideology, unlike the Trumpies. But it’s like the Flower Children. Nice idea but not survivable in this world. We’ve got to survive by banding together, and that means big government. What’s important is not to elect maniacs and trim the bureaucracy whenever possible. That’s just my take.

I wish you all the best,
Joseph G.

— Thanks for the feedback Joeseph. The Matrix Gazette is an equal opportunity offender. Keep coming back for more 🙂 // MG

Dear Editor:letters-to-editor

BRAVO! on your new online publication. I especially enjoyed your essay by Ken West (the 13 States) and the cartoon by Tom White; the latter particularly troubling to observers like me, as the friendly, local police are morphing into militarized, security forces. These ‘forces’ no doubt, will turn their guns on us citizens if and when we decide that Washington is totally out of control.

So congratulations and here’s wishing you folks the best of luck in your effort. We sorely need more voices in media like the ‘sane’, independent voices at Matrix Gazette.

Best Regards,
Steven Chase
Miami Beach, FL and Boone, NC


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