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The Joe Biden Injection

Last updated on November 23, 2020

Joe Biden promises to employ the force of the Federal government in a war to kill COVID-19.  Yet his prescriptions for the virus are poisonous, leading us all toward a precarious and vulnerable state of soul-killing economic despair. He does so despite ample evidence of the consequences that resulted from our last national lockdown.

Here is some of what he is proposing:

  • Imposing a national mask mandate — both indoors and outdoors. Since the Federal government doesn’t have legal authority to do so, Biden and Harris will call every governor in the country to stress the importance of forcing their citizens to wear masks — or else!
  • If his pandemic experts tell him that it’s necessary, Biden will impose a national lockdown (and encourage all governors to follow suit).
  • A budget busting “stimulus” bill to compensate Americans losing their jobs
  • Reduction of tax exemptions to offset the cost of pandemic relief measures
  • Maintain a “national surveillance system” for COVID testing and contact-tracing

COVID is just one of his economy killing initiatives. There’s more — an overloaded boatload more:

  • $2 trillion to expand R&D and deployment of renewable energy
  • Expanded reporting and aggressive enforcement of environmental regulations
  • Aggressive climate change legislation
  • Ban new oil and gas exploration on federal lands
  • Initiate and enforce Green Energy proposals
  • Reinstate and strengthen Dodd-Frank Act provisions and compliance
  • Increase Federal oversight of the financial services industry
  • Create a joint federal banking program run by the Federal Reserve and U.S. Postal Service
  • Reenter the Paris Climate Accord
  • Return to the Obama Administration’s foreign policy
  • Scrap Trump tax cuts and raise taxes on corporations and high-income earners and investors
  • Target infrastructure spending towards “greening” the U.S. economy
  • Put higher emphasis on environmental considerations for infrastructure improvements
  • Impose and enforce stringent union labor rules for infrastructure contractors
  • Bar 501(c)(4) non-profits election spending and supporting candidates
  • Impose an anti-Wall Street litmus test for hiring key cabinet and agency posts
  • Force gig workers to be considered employees and not as contractors
  • Work with Congress on new antitrust legislation
  • Build on and expand the Affordable Care Act
  • Lower the eligibility age for Medicare from 65 years old to 60

Meanwhile, there is already talk of Cabinet appointments for leftist Democrats. For instance, Elizabeth Warren for Treasury Secretary and Bernie Sanders for Secretary of Labor! That should give us a taste of the kinds of talent that Biden is considering for his cabinet.

The bottom line is this: Joe Biden has been bought and paid for by the political left that now controls the Democratic Party. He is their Trojan Horse, seemingly benign, but encased in a dangerous vessel filled with job-killing proposals that will lead to an American economic disaster.

What can you and I do to mitigate or stop his economic insanity?  That will be the topic of our next installment. Stay tuned.

The Presidential Election of 2020 is over; but the battle for “the soul of America” has just begun.

Meanwhile, here are some resources to begin to fortify yourself and fight back:

One final item: The crucial January Senate runoff in Georgia holds the key to Republican control of the Senate. Focus your attention on that race and provide whatever support you can to ensure a Republican win. If the Democratic Senate candidates win and the Senate is split 50-50, then the Vice President, Kamala Harris, would become the tiebreaker.

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