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Trump’s Mar-a-Largo Morse Code “Tweets”

Last updated on March 1, 2021

After Twitter blocked Donald Trump from Tweeting, the former President discovered and embraced Morse Code.

Down in Mar-a-Largo, Trump flew in the world’s top Morse Code expert all the way from Utqiagvik, Alaska.

Morse Code Expert




After weeks of intense training, Trump and top aides became proficient in Morse Code.

Soon, “The Donald” was busy in the middle of the night at his personal Telegraph machine directly beside his bed.

Also had Telegraph machines placed throughout Mar-a-Largo living quarters, including the master bathroom and even a waterproof machine for the shower.

The Matrix Gazette has been granted exclusive rights to receive Morse Code “tweets” coming in over the wires, day and night, from Mar-a-Largo.

Matrix Gazette Morse Code Telegraph Machine

As an exclusive service to our worldwide readers, we offer a sampling of Citizen Donald Trump’s Morse Code “Tweets” to the world.

  • Got rid of the Helipad the other day. Too damn noisy. Scares away all the Flamingos. I really like those birds.

  • Welcome Lindsey Graham to Mar-a-Largo! So good to see a loyal American. Make America Great Again!
  • Is Vice President Kamala Harris is secretly running the country? Looks that way. Biden signs whatever she hands him.
  • Good News: Town council says I can stay in Mar-a-Largo. Hell, I own the place!
  • Sleepy Joe’s been busy tearing up all the progress we made. Now he cozies up to Iran. What a joke.
  • Biden never saw a job-killing bill he didn’t like.
  • Melania loves Mar-a-Largo. Can’t say I blame her. Was treated badly in DC.
  • Poor Ted Cruz can’t get a break from fake media. Who the hell wants to freeze their butts off when they can warm up in Cancun? He should have come down here instead.
  • Cancelling the Keystone Pipeline really screwed the country. Makes no sense, and neither does Sleepy Joe!
  • AOC wants Biden to kill the economy for good with her idiotic “Green New Deal.”
  • Keep young girls away from Joe. Don’t let him get his hands on them and sniff their hair. Beware!
  • Bannon wants me to run for Congress in 2022 and become Speaker of the House. Would love to see the look on Pelosi’s face if I did.
  • Still have my eyes on 2024!
  • They stole the election from me once. Never going to happen again!
  • Make America Great Once Again!


As a service to you, our readers, we’ll keep you posted on late-breaking Morse Code Tweets from former President Donald J. Trump.


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