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What Motivates Capitalism’s Enemies? – Capitalist Offense & Defense (part 2)

The enemies of capitalism react against capitalism and its focus on this life and this world. They are the true “reactionaries.”

Capitalism is a system that works and allows people to thrive, which is why its enemies often express their hatred in terms of concern for the poor or the environment.

The philosophical issue at the heart of the enemies of capitalism is their belief in altruism, where actions done for others are considered inherently good, regardless of the means or consequences.

They view self-interest with suspicion and consider it morally insignificant, even if it leads to beneficial results.

They believe that the ends justify the means and are willing to use force to achieve their desired results.

The enemies of capitalism see life from a collective perspective and view individuals as expendable if necessary.

They reject the idea of freedom and liberty for individuals to choose their own purposes, which is capitalism’s essence.

Their rhetoric may claim concern for the poor, but their real motive is their lust for power and control.

They thrive on envy and hatred towards the successful, and capitalism, as the most successful social system, becomes their target.

Capitalism is based on rational selfishness, where individuals pursue their own lives without violating others’ rights. It recognizes and codifies the idea that individuals own their own lives.

The enemies of capitalism want to rule over those who pursue success and happiness in their own self-interest, and they despise the rational, self-interested mind that capitalism represents.

Capitalism’s enemies are irrational yet hide behind the façade of rationality. They believe that one can reason without reference to reality and create their own reality based on false premises.

They often ignore capitalism’s track record and use illogical arguments to support their case for a socialist utopia that would actually deprive humanity of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

The middle class, capitalist consumer lifestyle, and world trade stand in the way of their unrealistic pipe dreams.

They seek to destroy the middle class and its way of life. The middle class, who believe in and thrive under capitalism, becomes a target for collectivists, including radical environmentalists and climate change fanatics.

Key Points:

  1. Critics of capitalism despise it because it is successful and allows people to thrive, often hiding their hatred behind concerns for the poor or the environment.
  2. Their opposition to capitalism stems from philosophical differences, prioritizing altruism and collectivism over individual freedom and self-interest.
  3. They use false premises, seek to destroy the middle class, and are motivated by power and envy of the successful in their arguments against capitalism.


Critics of capitalism oppose it due to philosophical differences, often disguising their disdain for its success behind concerns for the less fortunate or the environment, using false premises and motivated by power and envy.

Capitalism was the only system in history where wealth was not acquired by looting, but by production, not by force, but by trade, the only system that stood for man’s right to his own mind, to his work, to his life, to his happiness, to himself.” ― Ayn Rand

Ken West is the author of seven books, including Capitalism WIIFM.

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